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HD Raser


The HD Raser is a 42U, high-density, hyper-efficient Micro-Modular Data Center container capable of cooling fully redundant IT loads from 20 to 80 kW.

The rack enclosure uses our patented pre-engineered closed loop (re-circulated) cooling with zero bypass airflow. This “best practice” method of cooling contains the hot and cold aisles providing one of the greenest IT solutions on the market today with a PUE as low as 1.1



The Spear is a 24U, NEMA 12 or optional NEMA 4 micro data center solution that provides from 2.5KW to 6.0KW of our patented closed loop cooling directly to the industry’s latest high-density equipment with no need for costly infrastructure.

The mobile rack enclosure allows one person to move up to 1,000 pounds of electronic equipment at the push of a button.  The relocatable platform can be moved with a pallet jack.

DX Raser


The flagship DX Raser is a hardened, 42U rack micro data center that can completely replace the building shell portion of a standard data center. The Razor can provide the equivalent of up to 130 square feet of high-density, fireproof floor space with 42,000 BTU of our patented closed loop cooling applied directly to the equipment.

Equipped with industry standard 19" racks, the DX Raser can accommodate the world’s most high-tech equipment.

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We outfit IT Closets, Telecom Shelters and pretty much anything in a 19” footprint. Our enclosures are outdoor rated, NEMA 4 IP66 as well as NEMA 4x. Being ruggedized as well as closed-loop air flow which seals the internal air from external dust and particulates allows these units to be placed just about anywhere. The edge becomes anywhere you can get power and a flat piece of ground. We customize just about ever enclosure, so questions are an everyday thing. We suggest you contact us sooner than later and we can help you plan.

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Why Choose Instant Data Centers?

Patented Closed-Loop Cooling

All of the Instant Data Centers product line utilize closed-loop cooling capabilities.

With a closed-loop solution, air is being circulated in the cabinet using a zero bypass airflow.  Cold air is pushed into the cold air plenum in front of the equipment in the rack and has nowhere else it can go but through the equipment.  In the rear, the air that has just passed through the equipment goes into a sealed hot air plenum behind the equipment and back into the return of the cooling solution.  The second air loop (outer loop), removes the heat from the coils that the return air passes over.

The two air loops in the closed-loop system, there is no air exchanged between them.  No outside air is pulled in for cooling. Therefore, there are no filters that need to be dealt with regularly, and a dust free environment inside is maintained.

Closed-loop air flow allows you to place our data center solutions in any space, regardless of air quality.

RAZER Airflow

Mission Critical Venting (MCV)

Mission Critical Venting provides emergency ventilation for a cabinet-level solution housing computing / communications equipment, UPS solutions., or anything requiring ventilation.

Used in the Instant Data Centers product line, the MCV provides redundancy to cooling in the event of a loss of cooling due to equipment failure or total power loss. Power comes from the same UPS the equipment is using, MCV will trigger on temperature spike.

Sealed mechanical louvers on the front door and chimney open, high powered fans turn on, and the enclosure remains ventilated using ambient outside air, avoiding any heat buildup while a graceful shutdown will is performed, or while the generator starts up in the background.

MCV can also provide “free cooling” in cold climates or during the winter months.  When temperatures are favorable, the AC can be turned off, and MCV manually activated to take advantage of the cold air outside.  If the enclosure is indoors and there is access to an external wall, ducting can be attached to bring air into the cabinet from outside as well.

Shock and Vibration Isolation

Shock and vibration protection is part of every one of the Instant Data Centers product lines.

These protect the sensitive equipment from shock and vibration while being moved as well as from vibrations commonly experienced with the land, water, and air travel.
Provides the ability to move the rack enclosure with the equipment in it. Perfect for companies in leased office space. When your lease is up, and it’s time to move, take your data center with you without having to take everything out of the rack before moving.

Shock & Vibration Isolation in all MMDC units. The MMDC is designed from the ground up to enable any rack mounted data centers gear mounting inside to become mobile and portable.

  • Dropship equipment cabled and ready to operate
  • Transform complex digital infrastructure construction project into simplified shipping and receiving event
  • Deliver HPC/Private Cloud systems in proximity to the client or project.
  • Proximity delivery of compute resources reduce latency and eliminate network bottlenecks and bandwidth costs.
  • Forklift upgrade data centers, cellular sites, and IT closets
  • Transport, import and export massive amounts from one location to the next
Fire Extinguisher

Active Fire Supression

As an option available for all of Instant Data Centers product lines, we can provide a Firetrace Active Fire Suppression solution. This solution is designed for rack level fire suppression, and utilizes a NOVEC 1230 extinguishing solution that is non-conductive/dielectric, and has no effect on the equipment in the enclosure.

The Firetrace solution consists of a bottle housing the NOVEC 1230, and two options for discharge, Direct (DLP) or Indirect (ILP). DLP (Direct) has a special tubing that comes out of the bottle and is routed and attached directly to the power supplies behind all of the equipment. If a power supply caught fire or started smoldering, it would melt the tube nearest to it, creating a nozzle in the tube, delivering the NOVEC 1230 directly to the fire source, immediately extinguishing the fire.

ILP (Indirect) has the same special tubing routed behind the power supplies, but it is just pressurized. Another tube comes out of the bottle and ends with a nozzle that can be located above the rack inside. In the event of a fire, the first tubing melts, releasing the pressure activated switch, and pushing the NOVEC 1230 out the nozzle.

Being a non-conductive fluid, the rest of the equipment in the rack continue to run with no problems. Open the door to the cabinet, and the NOVEC 1230 evaporates and leaves no mess behind.

Fire Marshall Approved nationally.

NOVEC 1230 is completely safe and depletes from the atmosphere quickly.

Not only does the solution isolate the fire to the actual component, without damaging anything else in the rack, it also isolates it to the cabinet, negating the risk of setting off the building sprinklers which could be detrimental in a standard, ambient cooled data center.

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Engineering custom Micro Data Centers is what we do, nothing else. Mobile and Micro Data Centers are the foundations this company was created on. Instant Data Centers and Elliptical Mobile Solutions created the original Micro Data Center and hold seven patents around technology we use to create each of our systems. Call, IM, or Email.  We are friendly, and your call will not be a surprise to us.  We are an agile company, just talk to us about your idea; we like to customize and to help deliver the perfect solution.