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Instant Data Centers

Micro Data Center Solutions

We design, build and deploy Micro-Modular Data Center solutions that save time, space, and money (OPEX and CAPEX)

We establish, expand, or convert any facility into a turn-key, modular data center. This improves efficiencies, avoids significant costs within operations, reduces deployment timelines and provides significant space and energy savings. With the MMDC modular approach, racks and cooling are added just-in-time. This drops CAPEX and OPEX to closely match existing equipment or imminent equipment arrivals. All you need is empty floor space with power.

Remember the “shipping while full” capability? Our definition of that is without shock pallets or specialized crating! Imagine your labor savings with this feature. Our enclosures arrive at a provisioning lab, your ITC equipment is racked, cabled, provisioned and tested then shipped to its final destination whether it is a planned, business continuity or specialized event.

Customers deploying the IDC MMDC immediately save on facility space and energy consumption from cooling. Our market is not a big colocation data center; our market is your in-house enterprise or agency owned data center, remote data closets, specialized use cases or exterior application of technology for housing infrastructure.


Product Line

Paradigm-shifting product line provides a rapidly scalable, hardened, compliant and sealed housing for local, remote and sensitive Information Technology and Communications and Audio – Video equipment (ITC/AV).

Set The Standard

Designed, developed, and patented the world’s first Micro-Modular Data Center (MMDC) solution and set the standards that others now follow.

Patented Airflow

MMDC’s utilize a patented airflow, closed loop cooling solution that does not allow external air into the cabinet. This means the enclosure can sit anywhere, indoors or out, regardless of weather, temps, or air quality.


Instant Data Centers manufacturers IT modular enclosures in a varied product offering. Our product line contains all of the physical and Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM) attributes of a data center starting from a single rack up to an entire enterprise data center.

What IDC can Do for You

They can be placed almost anywhere… The closed loop cooling we utilize maintains a completely sealed environment inside, eliminating particulate, and overheating issues. Modern ITC/AV equipment components are denser, making the boards geometrically more sensitive to interior particulate accumulation. Since our systems are closed-loop and sealed from the exterior air, your IT gear “breathes” clean air only. We like clean air as well, and the carbon footprint reduction is measurable, important for so many reasons. Our end users have placed our MMDC systems indoors, in occupied offices, in undeveloped spaces within office or warehouse spaces, in mines, attics, and trailers.

The smaller models of our MMDC’s are often used in remote and unusual locations, data closets, empty office space, etc., where they are ideal for the cooling and protection of your computing and communications infrastructure, without the creation of a construction project or performing minimal environmental or security measures. The MMDC solution is now a disaster-ready solution or recovery sites for critical information and connectivity.

The IDC MMDC versatility gives enterprises and cloud providers a rapidly deployable capability to economically and securely provision a secure, discreet on-premise cloud with dense compute capabilities previously unavailable.


Micro-Modular Data Centers (MMDCs) are rack level enclosures providing cooling, active fire suppression, security, and mobility, all at the rack level.

Huge Cost Savings

The MMDC represents one of the most efficient data centers in the industry and provides substantial cost savings both CAPEX and OPEX.


Our products are the data center physical infrastructure, ready to be placed in unimproved, less costly spaces, closets, attics or as preparation for a move or physical location add, move or change.

Rack & Ship

Move a rack of equipment with equipment in place. This comes in handy for emergencies, provides the ability to pre-install/pre-configure a solution, then ship it, and is also great for companies in leased facilities. Take your datacenter with you when you move.

Cooling Capabilities per Rack

Cooling capabilities from 2.5KW to 80KW per rack, and no need to cool the room they sit in.


Dramatic reduction in power for cooling. Do you bring your milk home from the store, set it on your kitchen table, then crank your air conditioner down to keep it cool? Then why do this with your data center?


Customers ONLY need some empty floor space or level ground, power, network connectivity, and any standard 19” rack mounted equipment.

NEMA Rated

NEMA rated product line has been shipped full of pre-provisioned ITC/AV equipment and placed indoors, outdoors and underground. Our systems let you reduce data center footprint, enclose exposed data closet equipment properly and secure your operations.

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