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What Our Associates Are Saying…

“HP partners such as EMS are searching for ways to cost-effectively increase efficiency while growing their business and delivering excellent customer service…by leveraging HP solutions available to them through AllianceONE, EMS can focus on enhancing the customer experience while accommodating their own growth.” -- Manoj Suvarna, Director, Global Sales Enablement for Strategic Alliances, HP, Houston, TX


“This can be seen as a breakthrough in constructing technology centers to store data in Vietnam… In regards to technology and equipment related to building data centers for Internet Service Providers (ISP), the EMS solution allows quick, efficient and flexible deployment.” -- Deputy Minister Le Nam Thang, Ministry of Information and Communication, (“MIC”) Vietnam


“By providing a drop in place architecture, we found the EMS Cabinet Solution saves both time and money compared with a traditional design. The EMS Solution requires less paper work, planning, and engineering. In addition, the EMS system in most municipalities will only require an electrical design and inspection which means less time to get started and less to worry about when completing the project.  Finally, due to the operational efficiencies associated with the EMS Cabinet Solution, clients can realize additional savings on their operating costs once the solution is installed and operational.” – Rob Nash-Boulden, Director Operations, Data Centers, EDI, Phoenix, AZ


“Judicial Members liked the C3-S.P.E.A.R. due to its small size and the fact that it’s mobile. The Data Center will provide a secure platform for the Hopi Judicial Tribal Courts’ e-mail database, scanning, digitization, and storage. It provides the perfect solution for our needs.”

-- Camelia Dewakuku, Computer Specialist, Hopi Judicial Tribal Courts, Keams Canyon, AZ


“IT Members liked EMS’s Micro-Modular Data Centers due to their compact size and mobility.  We now have the ability to easily relocate our data center in the event of an emergency or if the forecast calls for severe weather.” –- Jerolyn Tekala, IT Director, Hopi Reservation, Kykotsmovi, AZ

“By using EMS’s C3-SPEAR we can achieve outstanding performance without having to build a new data center or rent an existing facility.” –- Ladd Vagen, IT Director, City of Flagstaff, AZ

“The C-S.P.E.A.R. solution will enable the city to have a mobile disaster recovery facility with the ability to relocate it on a moment’s notice in the event of an emergency (and) to get our critical applications on-line and operational in a different location.” -- Kevin Hinderleider, IT Director, City of Avondale, AZ


“The implementation of the large and expensive (containerized data center) solutions is still not possible for 90 percent of the business world.  A rack-level solution that captures the advantages of containerized computing in a smaller, less expensive footprint is required.  Micro (Modular) Containerized Data Centers are a viable answer.”  -– The Uptime Institute’s Green IT Symposium, 2009, NYC, NY