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White Papers

White Papers

451 Research Reports "Elliptical Mobile Positions its Micro-Modular Data Center Design for Larger Sites"

Daniel Bizo, Analyst


The 451 Take

Elliptical Mobile Solutions (EMS) has landed some high-profile customers in recent months, and is poised to grow its global footprint. While the company's micro-modular design is a natural fit for branch office and remote deployments, it has demonstrated its viability in larger sites, too..


451 Research Reports "Elliptical Mobile Solutions Zooms in on Micro Modular Data Centers"

John Stanley, Analyst


The 451 Take

Elliptical's product set is innovative and well differentiated from many existing prefabricated modular datacenter designs. The modules are suitable for a variety of use cases, but the real question is, 'In which use cases does Elliptical have a strong competitive advantage?' In many scenarios, Elliptical will face stiff competition from other prefabricated modular vendors and cost-optimized traditional builds. Elliptical has the potential to succeed, but – just like its competitors – it will have to fight hard. Elliptical faces less competition in certain market segments, where use cases play to its strengths: military/rugged scenarios, small office IT that must be on-site, and use cases like AOL's. The question then becomes, 'How common are such use cases?' Elliptical argues, with some merit, that the AOL case is not uncommon. Many telecom companies with content will have similar needs. In general, using small modules to put tiny chunks of datacenter capacity in previously uneconomical places could open up entirely new use cases. Overall, the micro-modular datacenter concept, and Elliptical in particular, are worth keeping an eye on.


White Paper by Gkk Works Reports R.A.S.E.R. HD Rack-Level Enclosures Offer up to 40 kW of "Free Cooling" Using High Temperature Water

Scott Good, Director of Critical Facilities, Gkk Works


Close-Coupled Cooling Efficiencies

The 40 kW configuration of the R.A.S.E.R. HD was set into a configuration using a water storage tank that could be used as a constant supply of water blended at varying temperatures for the duration of the tests.


The intent of this testing was to simulate the actual conditions of the data center environment in a lab facility using water temperature from 55 degree F to 85 degree F. The results of these tests are included in this report.


In general it is noted that the opportunity to use these units for the purpose of warmer water heat rejection at varying loads in the unit is substantial to ensuring constant and reliable rejection of heat from the CPU chip or storage array without having to directly couple the water source to the computer components.


White Paper by Gkk Works Reports "Free Cooling" and PUE of 1.03 or Less are Possible with R.A.S.E.R. HD

Scott Good, Director of Critical Facilities, Gkk Works


This 15-page white paper was created by Gkkworks as a result of third-party validation testing of the R.A.S.E.R. HD performed by Gkkworks for Elliptical Mobile Solutions. The R.A.S.E.R. HD is a third product in a line of units created by EMS over the past few years. This unit uses closed loop heat rejection that close couples rejection of heat from the server source using a low flow, low power fan, coil, and exchangersigning and building a healthcare data center based on the EMS Cabinet Solution saves time, money and floor space.


Tier 1 Research Study Finds R.A.S.E.R. HD Fills High Density Needs of Colocation Providers


Data Center Senior Analyst Jason Schafer and Research Associate Michael Levy


Tier 1 Research, a leading authority for independent data center research and analysis, recently reported that Elliptical Mobile Solutions’ new R.A.S.E.R. HD provides a unique solution for the multi-tenant data center and military markets. In August 2009, T1R issued a report on EMS’s first generation R.A.S.E.R. saying that the unique design of the rack level micro-modular container set it apart from others in the industry. The latest report says, “Many midsized MTDC players operate data centers that are not equipped to accommodate high-density solutions, but they tout that they will leverage in-row cooling in order to do so. Rather than having to engineer these custom environments, which may be provisioned temporarily, these providers may have a team of R.A.S.E.R. (HDs) on standby to accommodate customer's high-density requests. Whereas the original R.A.S.E.R. sought to allow enterprises to manage their own private cloud, the R.A.S.E.R. HD facilitates colocation providers to enable their customer's cloud instances”

....read more

EDI Study Finds R.A.S.E.R. Saves Time, Space and Money Compared to Traditional Healthcare Data Center Design

Rob Nash-Boulden, Director Operations, Data Center, EDI


Designing and building a healthcare data center based on the EMS Cabinet Solution saves time, money and floor space.  This design allows for greater density to support newer IT equipment that produces greater heat and is perfectly scalable to support future IT needs.  Implementing this design requires less paperwork, fewer permits and a simpler way to deploy the solution as IT equipment can be placed in the cabinets, tested and moved into the space fully populated.  Once the implementation is complete, additional savings are realized due to the efficient cooling methodology utilized by the EMS Cabinets....read more

EMS Included in Government White Paper on Modular Data Centers

Prepared by Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory on behalf of the General Services Administration


Elliptical Mobile Solutions was part of a recent white paper prepared by Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, a U.S. Department of Energy Office of Science national lab that brings science solutions to the world. The paper found that second generation modular data centers featuring airside economizers not only ensured significant energy and operational cost savings, but also provided the lowest deployment costs and timeframes due to a reduced need for support infrastructure....read more

Advantages of Micro-Container-Based Data Center Infrastructure

Uptime Insitute and Simon Rohrich, EMS Founding Member, Technology Evangelist


This paper shows the advantages of interconnecting self-contained and robust micro-containerized data center modules (data center in a box) packaged inside an inexpensive shell building. Using data provided by Uptime Institute’s research and published papers, this paper compares typical “legacy” data center construction costs with a typical Elliptical Mobile Solutions micro-container deployment...read more

Dot VN + Elliptical Mobile Solutions = Army of 'Johnny 5' Data Centers

Jason Schafer, Tier 1 Research


Dot VN disclosed that, through a partnership with Elliptical Mobile Solutions (EMS), it will supply small, self-contained, self-propelled, armored mobile 'datacenters' to the emerging Vietnamese and Asian markets. The mobile datacenters will be officially unveiled and available for orders on January 28... read more

Elliptical Mobile Solutions shrinks the container, looks to SPEAR private clouds

Jason Schafer, Tier 1 Research


The data center industy is, quite obviously, moving toward a standardized build approach, with such technologies as containers, modular builds, modular systems and components or pseudo-modular solutions... read more