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Seagate Cloud Builder Alliance


EMS and Seagate are equally aligned in their commitments to build and deliver faster, more scalable, reliable and secure solutions for the cloud.

As mentioned on the Seagate website, the Seagate Partner Program will allow EMS to:

  • Develop Seagate cloud server and storage solutions
  • Help EMS grow its cloud business
  • Help EMS deliver the latest innovations in cloud server and storage solutions


Additionally, several employees at EMS are already very familiar with Seagate and its top-of-the-line products and solutions.

Seagate Cloud Builder Alliance


HP AllianceONE


HP AllianceONE is a comprehensive partner program focused on HP's Converged Infrastructure strategy of providing a shared services model to deliver secure, best-in-class applications.

HP AllianceONE


Data Center Alliance


The Data Center Alliance (DCA) was formed to fill the information gap in the marketplace by providing a centralized, comprehensive source for building successful IT infrastructures.

The mission of the DCA is to serve as a central repository of data center/server room products and services and to provide IT decision makers with a clear understanding of the different solutions available for their IT infrastructures.

The Data Center Alliance brings together the best in class IT infrastructure manufacturers into one place, where IT decision makers can find the data they need to make smart decisions about their growing data center needs. The value of the program is having quality offerings from all aspects of the IT infrastructure in one convenient location, so that companies can see all the puzzle pieces in one place. For companies looking to improve productivity in the fields of power, KVM, network management, remote access, environmental monitoring and air flow, the Data Center Alliance is the answer.





Rurban, a design and technology company striving to make global communities more dynamic, innovative, and profitable, today announced it launched a Kickstarter for Data Studio, a data center and tech hub for entrepreneurs in emerging communities.

“The vision is to give entrepreneurs a driven environment where they can come together and build new and better things, create jobs, and even inspire the next generation. It is beautiful to see people succeed and to bring opportunities to new places and that is what we are doing here,” said Josh Sanabria, CEO of Rurban.