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Micro Data Centers

Micro Data Centers

Instant Data Centers (previously Elliptical Mobile Solutions) has pioneered the development of self-contained, high-density, cost-effective and energy efficient Micro-Modular Data Centers. Built at the rack level with onboard cooling, security and fire suppression, these data centers fully replicate the functions of a traditional data center without the costly infrastructure, raised floors, big iron and massive air conditioning units.

The enclosures are vendor neutral with industry standard 19” racks that can accommodate the world’s most high-tech equipment including powerful blade or racked servers, networking storage (NAS), storage area networks (SANS), wi-fi, wi-max, 4G wireless and satellite (SATCOM).

Now you can choose from the equipment that best meets your needs and have a complete turnkey IT solution in less time and at a fraction of the cost.

HD Raser


Deployable outdoors or indoors, the HD Raser features active fire suppression, electronic security and environmental monitoring. These interfaces make it the most powerful and easy to implement containerized data center product on the market today.

Grouped together or as single units, more than 1000 W/ft2 density can be achieved with little or no site prep, design or construction.


The compact and affordable Spear provides the perfect platform for businesses and government agencies that require a quick, easy, and cost-effective turnkey data center solution, private cloud or co-location alternative. The enclosure is also available in a ruggedized outdoor platform to deliver high performance computing in remote and nonstandard locations throughout the world.

DX Raser


DX Raser is a 42U, NEMA 3R, optional NEMA 4 MicroModular Data Center™ that provides 12 kW of closed loop cooling directly to the equipment.

These enclosures can fully replace the building shell of a traditional data center. Customers can add single units or groups of units as their requirements increase providing a perfectly flexible, scalable and cost-effective IT solution.