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Data Centers as a Service

Instant Data Centers along with EliteCooling would like to thank you for attending the Facilities Expo Southern California at the Anaheim Convention Center.  Many attendees of this show are seeking new technology to decrease costs, speed up projects and solve challenges.

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Instant Data Centers turn-key “computer room in a box” solutions are a new way to build the part of your facility that handles racks of computers.  Drop these units onto bare concrete, supply power and your IT space /data room are ready to operate. Use our complete system instead of complex permitting, design and construction of information technology space.  Turn your construction project into a shipping and receiving event!

The next Webinar is scheduled for

Thursday, May 18th at 10AM PST

I would like to invite you to attend our 1 hour Webinar with Instant Datacenters’ Sr Design Engineer, Simon Rohrich.  Simon has for years has been a leader in designing Modular Data Center solutions and has a wealth of information to share on our technology.  Instant Data centers have instances all over the globe.